Creating the beautiful structures we design and build is more than just our job, it is our passion. And, that passion extends to the relationships we build with our clients. Here is what some of our customers are saying about our work and their experience with the process of ordering and receiving these works of art.

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While at a horse show I got a call "how about we redo our pond?" ...Mark and Steve (longtime friends) were enjoying a few cocktails when they decided on this fun project. I was all for a new hole in the ground... never did I expect such a beautiful centerpiece in our front yard! The waterfall is so relaxing to listen to and the landscaping is amazing! Thank you so much for this great idea, we love it and will appreciate you for many years to come.

Steve and Denise

(This) is a photo of Mark Hesby's work that he created for my yard. This is an arbor that is absolutely gorgeous! It is the first thing you see when you drive in and it draws the eye. I highly recommend him.

Robyn Gibson




Kay and I have enjoyed our garden shed and outdoor shelter for about two years. I have worked in the Arlington/Darrington area for five years. That is how I found Mark. We are very pleased with both our buildings.

Dan and Kay Durkin

Our experience with Mark Hesby could not have been better. He is an extraordinary craftsman and artist. We were so pleased with his work!


About a year ago we were driving north beyond Everett and came upon the The Plant Farm at Smokey Point. When we stopped to look it over, we were overwhelmed by the garden structures on display there, built by Mark Hesby at his own mill. They were not merely functional, they were major works of art. When we got home we called Mark and talked at length about his visions and products.

A few months later the real fun began, and the total experience blew us away. Mark arrived with his daughter Natalie and his son-in-law to be, and the three of them began unloading the most magical and mysterious load of great timbers we had ever seen. They worked all day, the first day, and then the real fun began. We ate and drank and talked until late that evening. The next morning we fed them breakfast and they worked again. It was as if we were all a farm labor commune, working and cooking and talking and drinking. This went on for three days, and when it was finished and we oohed and ahhed, he actually carved into one of the vertical timbers: To my dear friends, Don and Carolyn, erected November 10 (Martin Luther's brithday), Mark Hesby.

One final thing, while we were visiting him, Mark's wife Brita showed my wife her extraordinary dragon carvings, which she had recently learned how to do. We immediately agreed that we'd pay the reasonable extra amount to get the two great pillars carved onto the front of the structure he built for us. This made us christen the building "The Dragon House." It's a great pleasure, many times a day, to stand outside our house and look up at this great Norwegian work of art, with the dragons gleaming in the sun.

Don & Carolyn Heinz

My wife and I have wanted a pergola on our back patio for 3 years now. We explored a plastic version, a wood pre-made kit and even building one ourselves. We ran into Mark Hesby about a year and a half ago and just this summer we decided to hire him to build his pergola. His work was so good that we had him build a smaller version which we will cover so we can barbecue during the fall and winter. The two pergolas have added not only beautiful structures but have made our patio more inviting and useable. Everyone that has seen the two pergolas are quite impressed by their quality and beauty. Thanks Mark for the great pieces of art!

Denise and Ren Ajeto, Arlington, Wash.

It was a relatively small project, but the privacy it affords me is enormous – not to mention the overall beauty it adds to that corner of my yard. I am absolutely thrilled with his work, and consider the screen to be very much a piece of "garden art."

Elaine Alexander