Frequently Asked Questions

Like any work of art, each piece we create is unique; a reflection of our heritage, skills and experience, combined with the beauty that only time and nature can provide.

Although we can't cover every aspect of every piece on a website, we've taken some of the more common questions and answered them here. Read through them, and if you have more, please give us a call.

Mark HesbyQ. How do you choose the wood you use in your pieces?

A. We select, cut and process each timber by hand from local sustainable forests in our family saw mill in Darrington, Washington.

Q. Can you make your pieces larger or smaller, to fit a specific area?

A. Yes, we offer custom sizes on our pieces. Just tell us the dimensions you need, and we'll do our best to fit your space.

Q. Do I need to be of Norwegian descent to enjoy one of your designs?

A. While our work is greatly influenced by the Norwegian style, these beautiful pieces can be used as the central point of any landscape design. They will work well in almost any yard, no matter what your heritage.