About Us

Born in 1955, my father is a full-blooded Norwegian and my mother is full-blooded Swedish. My early childhood years were spent in Ballard and Richmond Beach, north of Seattle, Washington. In 1973, seeking solitude and peace in the country, my high school sweetheart, now my wife of over 30 years, and I moved to the foothills east of Arlington, Washington.

My love of the timber industry led to the construction of Hesby Mark Hesby& Daughters Mill Co. in 1978. After 30 years in the lumber commodity trade, I had seen many ups and downs for my family. The most recent downturn in the timber industry led me to pursue my true passions and dreams in garden design.

Hesby & Daughters Mill Co. now brings to you our unique and elegant creations in outdoor garden art, designed for the gardener that desires individualism and quality. Our buildings contain the look of Greek Revival Gothic architecture with the straight lines of Scandinavian design. You'll find quality craftsmanship and pride in all our pieces...each a true work of art.

We want each customer to be personally satisfied with their custom finished structure. We look forward to your questions and would enjoy the opportunity to share our art with you.

Mark Hesby Mark Hesby